There are many individuals who rely on tarot cards and fortune telling services to know about their future.   There are many professional tarot card readers out there. Often people spend a lot on fortune tellers but eventually they end up with disappointments. To avoid wasting money on improper angel card readings, many sit down to read cards for themselves.  Unfortunately, they end up having mismatched outcomes and frustration.

Why won’t the tarot cards work when reading it without any professional help?  There are some common mistakes which armatures make while reading cards for themselves. When one is anxious about some certain issues, he/she often has a quite clear answer in mind.  Even if the person doesn’t admit that, still the desire lies there in the subconscious mind.


 What are the common pitfalls to affect the accuracy of card readings?

  • Reading the cards in an emotional state of mind:

Tarot cards won’t work if one isn’t in a clear state of mind while reading it.  Often people pull out the cards immediately right after facing any hazards or collisions.  Certainly, one won’t get an accurate reading while being so disturbed.

  • Choosing the wrong spread:

Usually, there is no wrong way reading the tarot cards. Choosing the spreads really matters when reading the cards all alone.  Often a physic advisor advices a three card spread are enough for the complex issues.  The problem lies in decoding the complicated layouts of the cards.  An armature is more likely to get caught up in such complications.

  • Looking for too many meanings for the cards:

Whenever one is reading tarot cards, he /she have to look up for meanings.  The beginners often make mistakes in the part of reading the meanings of a card. Usually, the readers have an agenda in their subconscious mind while reading. They often try to find out the meaning which suits the agenda best.    One has to be careful about the fact that there are so many interpretations of a single meaning.

 Pointing down so many aspects at a single time when reading a card isn’t possible for an armature. Therefore, the professionals of angel card readings have become so popular all over the world. Choosing the right physic advisor is the most crucial part. The people of San Antonio can completely rely on the services provided by Card readings by Susan.


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